[MKAL] Assessories Tècniques

Makenai Assessment Layout (MKAL) is a personalized consulting service aimed at optimizing voice, data and security communications in order to improve productivity, detect potential safety issues and promote cost savings for our customers.

Our technical team, with proven experience in the sector, analyzes the current state of their communications (framing it in one of six reference levels MKAL) . Then, after evaluating the particular business, gives advice on the optimal communication solutions to be developed.

Makenai Assessment Layout (MKAL) allows your company to obtain an assessment on the communication systems’ contribution to your business. It will allow you to know your current level of technological maturity, compared to the average on the particular sector involved. It will then provide proposals to get the best performance from existing systems, by means of their optimization or their evolution to more innovative ones, so as to get a higher reference standard.


The execution process is based on a strong customer orientation, as follows: After an initial kick-off meeting to explain the action plan to be carried out, we proceed with a data collection process and analysis. We process the data and generate specialised reports, which are then showed and explained in a final meeting.