[MKDS] Software Development

Makenai offers a comprehensive service for the development, implementation, documentation and maintenance of multiplatform applications (web, mobile and desktop) with which to cover specific needs that generic programs are not able to reach. Our development department works based on agile methodologies throughout the life cycle of the product

We offer specific developments for IP Telephony, based on the standard solutions of the manufacturers, providing the customer with very specific facilities that significantly increase both usefulness and usability of the standard Telephony systems (Control Panel, Consumption, Software-lock, User Portal, etc.) and its complex Collaboration solutions.

We have specific solutions for IoT environments, covering all the end-to-end aspects of the solution (HW IoT, SW Development, Communications, Cloud Device Services, Data Analytics, Security and Profesional Services)

At Makenai we offer our developers and clients the most complete set of tools on the market to cover the monitoring of projects, repositories and collaboration environments.