[MKTS] Transport Networks solutions

Metropolitan high-speed networks provide coverage to large geographical areas, and enable the integration of multiple services by transporting data, voice and video, primarily on optical transmission media.

The use of SDH technology enables the secure transmission of information at high speeds over fiber, from 155 Mbit / s to 10 Gbit / s. And further, the DWDM technology allows increased bandwidth of existing fiber networks, combining and transmitting multiple signals simultaneously on different wavelengths through the same medium. This technology creates multiple virtual fibers and increases the capacity to 100 Gbit / s (400-1000 Gbit / s in the future).

In Makenai we count on highly qualified personnel, with years of experience providing engineering, designing, deploying and maintaining network architectures with very high reliability and availability, on telecom operators and critical infrastructures

Value added services:

Analysis of network performance and optimization. The usage rate of the  links is analyzed in order to detect bottlenecks, both in  existing networks or for planned network upgrades.

Preventive maintenance. Periodic review of the network elements and the  management system to keep them within the optimum operating parameters. Analysis of alarms history to detect and fix posible failures.

Software version management.  Operating software  versions are controlled, so as to detect and fix  inconsistencies, or possible existence of bugs . Analysis of elements bein affected by lifetime policies . Definition and developement of an upgrade or replacement  pla designed to minimize impact on operational devices