[MKNS] Networking Solutions

Networking solutions Makenai (MKNS) allow deployment, evolution and maintenance of data networks covering different technologies and needs a business may require, to provide a comprehensive solution to their communications needs.

          LAN Infraestructure (Access, Routing, Switching)

          Logical Security

          Wireless (WiFi & Radio)


The solution is complemented by:

           The proposed value of unified communications MKUCS

         Working together with partner companies that can cover the areas of wiring, air conditioning and low voltage in technical rooms and overall customer units.

          Radio audits and analysis of coverage plans for wireless infrastructure

         Deployment and optimization of management services and cloud management solutions that enable Cisco-Meraki

The main features that make it the most versatile solution on the market are:

Centralized Management, allows large multi-site deployments from a single control panel very quickly

BYOD, it quickly identifies BYOD devices and automatically applies access policies

Integration of the WIFI network with Facebook. This enables clients to connect to the WiFi network through the Facebook Welcome page of the company, this enables access to the demographic information Facebook provides to visitors. Likewise, visitors show your location to your contacts promoting the company in social networks without making any extra efforts

Control and application visibility, identify which applications are being used, enabling the prioritization of critical applications while limiting recreational applications. .

802.11ac high capacity, RF optimization with real-time spectrum analysis, and high-performance in wireless dense demanding environments

Automatic RF optimization, automatically measuring channel utilization, signal strength, performance and interference

Security dedicated Radio, instantly detects interferences, vulnerabilities and attacks on all channels.

Firewall functionalities, automatically assigned firewall, QoS rules, VLAN tags and bandwidth limits to enforce appropriate policies for each user class.

MDM Solutions

The process deployment, simplified, is as follows:

Network is configured from the Dashboard

Access points are physically installed

APs automatically get a configuration from the cloud

APs are optimized automatically in order to maximize RFperformance

The solution includes delivery and deployment of the necessary equipment. It can be upgraded with support, administration and/or training on the solution.