[MKUCS] Unified Communications Solutions


Makenai’s Service called Unified Communications Solutions (MKUCS) develops global collaboration solutions. Traditional voice architectures had Unified Communications in mind in its construction: the only way to interact with users was through a PBX with a physical location. The new implementations of Unified Communications and Collaboration make it possible to maximize communications performance and flexibility.

Customer, suppliers and workers connect to exchange information, real-time, from anywhere, on any device, anytime, thus improving availability, and increasing work efficiency. This is possible only through a communication structure that is unified and comprehensive.

Unified Communications solutions increase productivity, improve business processes, drive innovation and reduce IT complexity. All this being also suitable for use with continuous availability, unlimited scalability, and easy management.

The Makenai Unified Communications Solution includes delivery and deployment of the necessary equipment, being able to upgrade the service with support, administration and/or training on the solution.

Innovaphone platform

The innovaphone PBX provides a large number of functionalities on IP telephony and is equipped with an integrated Unified Communications Solution that can be used and adapted to the needs of each demand. No server is required, the Innovaphone PBX works on a wide range of IP Gateways, of different capabilities, suited for each customer need. Alternatively, innovaphone Virtual Appliance (IPVA) allows the PBX to work on a VMware environment.


The Innovaphone IP Gateway is the basis of the solution on IP telephony and Unified Communications. The PBX and Unified Communications solution software is pre-installed on the innovaphone IP Gateway and only needs to be activated through the appropriate licenses. The Innovaphone IP Gateways work at the same time as an interface to other networks or analog converting ISDN connections to IP, and as hardware platform for innovaphone IP PBX switchboard. All IP gateways feature a robust design, without hard drives or fans, and with a stainless steel chassis.

Mobile IP Innovaphone adapt perfectly to the needs of each user and provide a wide range of functionalities. Some diferent versions are available: softphone, industrial, high standard… Analog devices remain useful within an IP infrastructure because thanks to the analog adapters they can be integrated with the Innovaphone IP PBX. For the fax transmission, all Innovaphone  IP gateways and analog adapters support IP T.38 protocol. This way new devices’ requierements are not needed thus avoiding unnecessary costs.

Nowadays is common case the existence of workers who need to move within the company premises. With the IP-DECT and WLAN technology these workers benefit from the features of the Innovaphone PBX and can be easily integrated into the VoIP infrastructure. The extension number is always the same, even when they are not seated at their regular desk. The IP-DECT and WLAN devices ensure access to all the usual services and facilities, regardless of the network being used.

The integration of the mobile phone on the Telephone System has turned out to be a basic requirement for any business. The Innovaphone IP PBX allows the usage of all PBX functionalities even from the Smartphone. Those workers who are frequently traveling or visiting clients can access from their Smartphone to all their IP Telephony fuctionalities, regardless of place and time. Thanks to the One-Number Concept Innovaphone solution, they will always be available on a single number. With Innovaphone Mobility, mobile devices are integrated into the PBX as if they were internal users thus having the same functionalities as any corporate extension.

The Innovaphone IP PBX can be upgraded at any time with Unified Communications capabilities, depending on each user’s needs. Video telephony, presence, chat, conferencing, and other collaboration features allow a unified and improved communication. Depending on the presence status of colleagues and partners, the user can select the most suitable route for each communication instance. Through the Unified Communications client myPBX all routes can be managed: telephone or video call, chat, collaboration session or conference.

Different Innovaphone applications are complementary to the benefits of the Innovaphone IP PBX. Thanks to the Linux application platform new Linux-based appliations can be seamlessly integrated

Innovaphone Queue Monitor can help determine the overload of a system and thus increase the customer satisfaction level by means of quality service management.

Innnovaphone Operator is a modern attendant console and the ideal tool for Call Center and PBX workers

Innovaphone Reporting can help determine the overload of a company or department according to the daily flow of calls.

Innovaphone Fax allows to receive and send faxes flexibly through the PC (Mail-to-Fax, Fax-to-Mail)


CISCO Platforms

Cisco’s Unified Communications Solutions integrate mobile applications, voice, video and data services in fixed and mobile networks. This allows to develop a teamwork experience with advanced multimedia technology, in in-company workspaces, government agencies and institutions. These applications use the network as the platform to enhance competitive advantage, accelerate decision time and reduce transaction time. The security, flexibility and scalability of the network allows users of any workspace to easily connect, anywhere, anytime, using any media, device, or operating system.

Companies can collaborate real time using advanced applications such as video conferencing, integrated voice and web conferencing, voice mail and more, from an integrated interface, easy to use on multiple devices, no matter whether they are connected or wireless. These solutions save time, help control costs, and increase productivity and competitiveness.

Cisco Unified Communications offer companies the ability to efficiently access the required data, interact with virtual teams worldwide and manage these interactions on the fly in real time. The interactions are more valuable. People are more efficient. All communications are more effective and safer.

These features allow the Cisco Solutions to excel in the nowadays fast changing business environment  and provide the organisations the agility they need to continuously innovate and get adapted to change.

With its broad portfolio, Cisco offers a customized solution to manage the business requirements of any organisation, whether small, medium or large. Furthermore, companies can implement the Cisco Unified Communications Solutions at their own pace with flexible and transparent migration capabilities.